sun & studying

Spring has sprung. At least in my little garden it has. The second day in a row when it's warm enough to sit out there. Of course we conductors live a little bit of a charmed life, don't we? Apart from all the travelling and agonising decisions about bow-tie-tying, we get to spend every working day in the company of genius. And, no, I don't mean our managers. I mean Brahms, Beethoven, Mozart - whoever we're spending the day with. Of course we're lucky. And sometimes we get to study that genius in the sun. Hard life (note to self: must remember not to moan any longer, ever)

I've two Dvorak symphonies to resurrect - ones which I've done before (one of them often) but not lately: No 6, which isn't played so often anyway (, and the famous New World symphony, which is. And I've a premiere of a four-movement 45 minute work by Elfyn Jones coming up too, alongside the Dvorak 9 (

Before I head back to Mr Jones, I was ruminating earlier upon this, whilst staring idly at my roses rather than analytically at my score...


  • Mobile phone: off (ok, silent. One step at a time)
  • Sun: on
  • Score: open, not already over-marked
  • Mind: open, not prone to repeat the assumptions of the past
  • Pencils: good ones - I love those Japanese ones, they're black - "tombow" I think they're called. Every mark you make looks slicker, somehow (see "pencils I have used" blog for further info*)
  • Metronome: see mobile phone (and. don't. get. distracted. by. twitter)
  • Car-alarms: infrequent (not around here, then. Alas)
  • Coffee: not too much, or the imagination runs too fast (see metronome). Unless you're preparing Symphonie Fantastique, when it's fine - imbibe often for full-on Berlioz-madness effect
  • Cats: quietly basking, not inanely asking (for food/attention/another toy because the other one's now behind the compost heap)

(*must try to get out more)

Feel free to add some more via the comments.

NB: just for fun. No prizes awarded. Serious score-study suggestions can be found in multiple textbooks. And have no place here.

Right, back to the sun...