Anyone passing by these parts lately will have noticed my site was down for about a week. Until today.

I decided on a total overhaul. Things were getting old, a bit out of date – I was getting limited as to what I could update. So, I chose what I thought was a good time, without pressing gigs, mountains of admin and loads of meetings lined-up, and got to it. The wordpress coalface. Of course, no sooner had I’d pulled the old site down, leaving everything useless and tattered and bleeding, that the diary filled up with, well, the things diarys always fill with. Stuff.

I had a message from the googlebots yesterday telling me to sort things out because they were getting errors. They informed me that if I didn’t put all my lovely pages back pronto they were off to pester other websites. Mine would get left out in the cold – unindexed… unscanned… and unloved.

The bold plans for a daring new website have had to be slightly modified. Only temporarily, mind. I know what I’m doing, pretty much, and how I want it to look. It just takes time. So. Much. Time.

You can see the shell of it wrapped around this post, more or less. In fact what you see is a combination of the framework for my new site, and the nuts and bolts of the old. For example, the News page shows all the same old (same old) news items – what do you mean, it’s no longer news then?? – just placed in a more up-to-date theme. But at least the googlebots are happy.

Once my concert diary clears a little – there’s a trio of exciting gigs around the middle of this month, including the són Midsummer Night’s Dream with master artist James Mayhew, and then summer tours to prepare for – I’ll revisit the site and pick up where I left off. And then there will be parties and fireworks and a whole new website.

If anyone’s reading this (congratulations!) and has any feedback about the site as it currently stands, please leave a comment below. I’d love to know your thoughts.